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System changing coaching, coach supervision and coach training

Transcend offer deeply insightful, systemic and relational coaching and leadership development. We work at the levels of the individual, the team and the organisation within the wider world in order to help create and deepen confidence, capability and responsibility in order to “move the system”.

We work alongside you to develop and inspire evidence based sustainable change.

Our international faculty of experienced and professionally qualified coaches have a huge variety of knowledge and passion which means that we can offer many perspectives within the coaching relationship. We have particular professional interest and experience in the following areas:

Systems and systemic thinking (including Constellations)

Leading complex change (including return on investment and the art of dialogue)

Neuroscience (integrated with Emotional Intelligence)

Awareness raising (integrated with Mindfulness and meditation practice)

Gestalt, Transactional Analysis and integrative psychology (integrated with presence and effectiveness)

System changing coaching, supervisory and coaching training relationships

In addition to our unrivalled expertise in leading systemic change, and building the capability in others to do this, we support this by offering the following coaching relationships:

  • One to one coaching at all levels
  • Team Coaching
  • One to one supervision
  • Group supervision
  • Coach training
  • Continuing Professional Development
Core framework - Change Approaches The different ways leaders may approach any particular change challenge. Contact us for a meeting or more information.
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Transcend and dig deep into your confidence and capabilities to lead your organisation and teams with an innovative approach that will empower your talented workforce to become the best version of themselves. Try something new with us, and watch doors to opportunity begin to open due to your transformed leadership abilities.

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