System changing coaching, coach supervision and coach training

Transcend offer deeply insightful, systemic and relational coaching and leadership development. We work at the levels of the individual, the team and the organisation within the wider world in order to help create and deepen confidence, capability and responsibility in order to “move the system”.

We work alongside you to develop and inspire evidence based sustainable change.

Our international faculty of experienced and professionally qualified coaches have a huge variety of knowledge and passion which means that we can offer many perspectives within the coaching relationship. We have particular professional interest and experience in the following areas:

· Systems and systemic thinking (including Constellations)

· Leading complex change (including return on investment and the art of dialogue)

· Neuroscience (integrated with Emotional Intelligence)

· Awareness raising (integrated with Mindfulness and meditation practice)

· Gestalt, Transactional Analysis and integrative psychology (integrated with presence and effectiveness)

System changing coaching, supervisory and coaching training relationships

In addition to our unrivalled expertise in leading systemic change, and building the capability in others to do this, we support this by offering the following coaching relationships:

· One to one coaching at all levels

· Team Coaching

· One to one supervision

· Group supervision

· Coach training

· Continuing Professional Development

Our approach to system changing coaching, coach training and supervision

Our approach in all that we do is relational and conversational in tone whilst being focused on agreed outcomes. These outcomes may be defined as “goals” or something “beyond goals.” Perhaps it is more connected with a searching or looking for something in a more iterative journey, possibly aligned to purpose or something “beyond purpose”. Something that changes the system even in the smallest way.

We have a range of experiences and approaches that can offer insight. This can include, but is not limited to, 360 feedback, psychological assessment approaches, the experience of yourself via the use of video and the experience of yourself in relation to yourself and others and the system in which you operate using the principles of systemic constellations work. We work with you in all of these things so we make sense of your experience together – we do not diagnose or label but seek to experience in order to then understand.

We work in relationship with people with whatever they bring but have a particular focus on coaching people in the complexity of their whole lives not just either their work role or their individual role. As such all of our coaches also hold qualifications in a psychologically related discipline to help us do this empathically, professionally, safely and courageously. All of our coaches are also coach supervisors and are experienced, accredited and undertake regular supervision.

We help you, the team and the organisation focus on what is agreed to be important in a confidential setting that is structured according to your needs. There is an invitation and expectation that something will be different both during and after the coaching sessions.

We offer insights, approaches, exercises and relational experiences that enable you to move in the direction of the coaching agreement so that you (the team, the organisation and the wider community) can achieve your aims.

Why coaching, supervision and coach training is system changing with Transcend

· We are experts in the field of change at the level of the individual, the team and the organisation and know what good looks and feels like in many different contexts

· We are focused on evidence based sustainable results but you are responsible for them

· We continue to conduct primary research and engage in dialogue around the process of change and integrate the latest thinking into our way of being and how we work

· We have solid organisational experience gained in the private and public sectors all around the world

· We have deep knowledge, experience and qualifications in coaching and psychologically related disciplines to work professionally, ethically and responsibly

Examples of our work

· System changing through one to one coaching

o We were engaged to work with an individual whose wish was to explore how she should “show up” as a leader in her organisation in order to provide more stability and consistency for her global team. Using different approaches and a highly relational approach we explored her view of herself and the permissions she gave herself to show up. Through some innovative and courageous work she found new insights and practical ways of enabling her to be fully who she was in order to be true to herself and an even more effective leader for her team and the wider organisation

· System changing via team coaching

o This was a new team formed from other organisations that had been disbanded. Their wish was to discuss, confirm and agree common purpose and build individual and collective self- awareness of where we are now and where we will be going as a team over time. The team enjoyed this journey and took a bolder step to inquire into how different parts of the system had been excluded and what this meant for the people who had survived. They found a way of looking out beyond their own organisation to connect to a bigger evolutionary purpose of what they were for. Having such increased awareness they re-contracted not only on the way they were going to work together as a team within the organisation but how they would reach out to organisations outside of their own to achieve extraordinary results.

· System changing via coach training

o As part of a wider “Delivering Breakthrough Performance (DBP)” programme aimed at the top level of Executive Directors and others we devised and delivered a cost effective and practical coaching skills programme. Coaching was a mandatory part of delivering breakthrough performance with a focus on individual leadership using our bespoke Change Leadership Practices instrument as one of the data points to build coaching skills capability and capacity to support system wide and sustainable organisational change. The coaching skills linked to other content in the DBP such as dialogue skills and return on investment.

· System changing via one to one supervision

o We provide tailored supervision to individuals. As we believe that change happens in the moment and change starts with self, individual supervision is transformative.

· System changing via group supervision

o Within the context of helping individuals, teams, organisations and communities to deepen their capability and increase their confidence and responsibility to effect change we provide supervision to both internal and external (independent) coaches. When we supervise internal coaches, supervision is always contracted within a wider organisational context because we are focused on changing the system. In one particular client we have a contract in which we offer the themes of organisational patterns as seen through the lens of supervision. These themes are then used by the client to inform what they may need to do differently.

· System Changing via Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

o We offer bespoke CPD for individuals and organisations in many different formats including face to face and remote learning via webinars, video conferencing and other media. CPD can include anything from Masterclasses which look at a particular theme and integrate theory with practice, to facilitated discussion.

Who we work with

GlaxoSmithKline Unilever HSBC ABSA Shell NHS npower RWE British Council Essent Xchanging

We work at senior levels, internationally, with a diverse group of large private and public sector organisations.

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