Innovation and creativity through systems thinking. Workshops facilitated by Transcend Consultancy Ltd. 

In the last decade appreciation has grown that organisations behave more like living organisms than machines:

A change in one part affects all the others

If people are given the freedom to interact and take responsibility, new ideas, products and approaches emerge without guidance from formal leadership

Welcoming a diversity of perspectives while forming plans or strategy makes them more likely to be robust

Supporting people or partner organisations to take their right place in the system releases innovation, accountability and learning

But how to weave these insights into the fabric of your team or organisation, partnership or network? How, in other words, to become skilled in bringing a ‘systemic’ mindset to the everyday?

We can take our inspiration from forest gardens where the aim is to create a food producing system modeled on a young natural woodland in which the elements perform many complementary functions and an eco-system evolves that is productive, balanced, diverse and adaptable.

How do we create the conditions for this to happen? What can we learn from nature for our team or organization?

Come to be inspired and to challenge yourselves to think differently. Use the experience of the forest garden system together with insights from human systems to transform your work in changing your organisation, to stimulate innovation, strategy or your quest for a renewed purpose and mission.

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